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Q:  How much are uniforms?
A:  Uniform will be included in the price of registration.

Can I order separate uniform pieces to replace a lost item?
A:  Yes, price will be determined by which age group and uniform design.

Q: What equipment does my child need besides the uniform?
A: Your child will need cleats, shin guards, and a soccer ball.

Q: What size soccer ball does my child need?
A: U6 - U8  Size 3
U10 - U12         Size 4
U13+ Size 5


Q: I signed up as an Assistant Coach but the system is not applying a discount for registration.  How do I get the discount?
A: The discount will be applied once an Assistant Coach is officially assigned to a team.  Click here for more information.


Q:When will practices be?
A:Each coach will decide their own practice dates and times


Q: When will I see my child's schedule?
A: Schedules will be posted on the Web-site when they become available.  Schedules are usually posted approximately 7-10 days before start of season, Fall Season 2020 games begin September 12th.