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HCSA has partnered with Challenger Sports again this season to offer player and coach training throughout the season.  We believe this will help our coaches throughout the season by providing practice plans and variety and help the entire league continue to improve.

     - At least once per week, at ALL age levels, we will have a dedicated coach from Challenger offering an organized training session.  
     - The Coach Conor will email a practice plan at the beginning of the week. 
     - During the session all of the players at that age group will huddle for 1-2 min to learn the drill and then separate again to practice with their team. 
     - This will continue in a progressive manner starting with individual skills and working up to game situations.  

All head & assistant coaches are required to complete an appropriate coaching course through GA Soccer. 


US Soccer has launched a new course, the National ‘F’ License Course, which is geared towards coaches of 5-8 years old.  This is an approximately 2 hour long online course.  The National ‘F’ License course is the first course level within the new US Soccer coaching license pathway.  All coaches embarking on their coaching education journey are expected to start with the National ‘F’ course and work their way up the ladder.  The National ‘F’ License is a pre-requisite for the National ‘E’ course.  To learn more about the National ‘F’ License course please use this link:  Video: Learn more about the "F" License Course.

To register for the online National ‘F’ course please use the following link:

If you are a volunteer coach/ assistant coach we need you to register on the site even if you do not have children playing in the league or if your spouse registered the player(s) .  This will help us ensure that we are in compliance with Georgia Soccer and US Youth Soccer.  Just go to MY ACCOUNT in the upper right corner, then click on the VOLUNTEER tab.

 You can check here for all courses offered by Georgia Soccer. To get registered for either course just click on the links below.

Coaching classes for other levels can be found here by searching the list of available courses.

If you need information about registering for coaching courses, please contact Mike Webb at 706-577-9246.  
The rest of the staff can be reached via our CONTACTS page.


How to Register for a Coaches Course

 for steps to register for the course.

**Doing the online Theory portion first online:

If you choose to do the online theory portion first, you will have to go through the following steps:

1. Sign up on the US Youth Soccer site to do the online portion.

2. Complete the online theory portion. You will have the option of completing the theory portion in one go or doing it a few chapters at a time over a maximum of a 3 months span.

3. Once you complete the online course, you will be instructed to sign up for the two hour field portion by selecting the location from the list of available courses. Please note that the list of available course locations will be regularly updated throughout the summer/winter. If you do not see a course location that is convenient for you once you complete the online portion, keep checking the list for a better location.

4. Attend the two hour field portion of the course. For example, if the traditional ‘G’ course is from 9am to 1pm, you only need to show up at 11am and attend the field portion, which will go from 11am to 1pm. To start the online theory portion sign up process, please click here

Please contact Tara Daniel via Email or phone, at 678-993-2110 o678-993-2110 if you have any questions.
See more here: GA Coaching Courses