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UPDATED Coaches Information

HEAD COACHES:   Will be required to attend coaches meeting and full registration will need to be paid and once you have completed all required background and coaching requirements a part of the registration fee will be refunded.

ASSISTANT COACHES* - HCSA will allow for one Assistant Coach per team who will be allowed at the player's bench during the game.  Once an Assistant Coach has been assigned to a team and you have completed all required background and coaching requirements, part of the registration for the first child will be refunded.


US Soccer has launched a new course, the National ‘F’ License Course, which is geared towards coaches of 5-8 years old.  This is an approximately 2 hour long online course.  The National ‘F’ License course is the first course level within the new US Soccer coaching license pathway.  All coaches embarking on their coaching education journey are expected to start with the National ‘F’ course and work their way up the ladder.  The National ‘F’ License is a pre-requisite for the National ‘E’ course.  To learn more about the National ‘F’ License course please use this link:  Video: Learn more about the "F" License Course.

To register for the online National ‘F’ course please use the following link:

It is a requirement of the Georgia Soccer Association that ALL coaches and assistant coaches complete a coaching certification course.  Earning the certification will not only teach you more about coaching youth soccer, it will also protect you with liability insurance, To learn more about available courses click here.

You will NOT be allowed to coach a team as a head or assistant coach if you have not completed the appropriate course.

*A team may have more than one assistant coach, although there is a desire and a need for help with other teams.  If more than one volunteer requests a specific team it will be up to the Head Coach to choose the assistant.  The other volunteer(s) will have the option to stay with the requested team or help another team as the head or assistant coach.